Tuesday, July 14, 2009

July/August Breakfast Warriors

July 19: Joy and Bryan
July 26: Andrew and Elizabeth
August 2: Justin and Courtney
August 9: Lindsey and Tate
August 16: Jill and Ben
August 23: Wayne and Stacey
August 30: Bo and Loni

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Baby Gage is Here!

Congratulations to Scott and Jenny! Baby Gage was born on Monday and he weighed 8 lbs, 2 ozs and was 21 1/2 inches long. You can visit their blog for pictures and more information.

Monday, June 15, 2009

June 14th Prayer Requests

Wayne: Praise for a successful camp last week. He took 3 students- 1 rededicated his life and another gave his life to Christ!

Bo: Pray for the families of 2 students killed over the weekend. Pray for him as he travels this week.

Justin: Pray for his co-workers wife (Deb) - doctors recently found inoperable tumors on her liver and pancreas. Pray for the family as they begin treatments and the doctors who are treating her.

Nikki: Continue to pray for Justin's safety and productivity; Pray for Justin's grandmother (Joyce) as she has surgery this week to unblock an artery.

Al: Continue to pray for his sister in Virginia as she prepares for missions overseas.

Jamie: Pray for Rozi and Katherine and their families as they remove the ventilator from their grandmother. Pray for peace for the families.

Katie: Pray for Lauren and Joe Walker's 2 week old baby Colby. He has been having seizures and is in Birmingham in the hospital.

Emily: Pray for Sarah Ann Hicks who is having blood pressure problems during her pregnancy.

Pray for Wayne and Tiffany and the students they are taking to FCA Camp this week.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

June 7 Announcements & Prayer Requests

  • Men's Connection Bible Study will meet on Tuesdays @ 7 a.m. at the Cottage Cafe in Opelika and on Thursdays @ 7 a.m at Toomer's Coffee in Auburn.
  • Baptist Bounty II Cookbook will be accepting submissions through June 15. Submission forms are available in the church office, Welcome Center and here.


  • Wayne & Stacy and Randall & Kristen are married and have safely returned from their honeymoons.
  • Loni- Her dad went to the doctor this week and the meds are working so they won't have to do surgery.
  • Justin- Courtney got into nursing school at Auburn

Prayer Requests

  • Wayne- His first FCA camp is this week; Please pray that God will work in the lives of these students.
  • Al- His sister is preparing for a 2 year Journeyman's mission. She is going to Virginia for preparation. Pray for her safety and God's will for where she needs to go on her mission.
  • Rozi- Rozi & Katherine's grandmother (Rozi Washington) is in the hospital and was having surgery on Monday. Pray for her recovery.
  • Bo- His friend Robert who was in an accident about 6 weeks ago. The injuries were worse than they first believed. Robert is in a "boot" and having trouble moving around. Pray for his peace of mind and recovery.
  • Stacy: Pray for her grandmother's health and God's healing.

Monday, June 1, 2009

May 31 Announcements and Prayer Requests


  • Bethany and Keith will be getting married June 20th!

  • A New Cookbook: Baptist Bounty II is being published. Recipes are being accepted until June 15th. Submission forms are available in the Welcome Center, Church Office and Sunday School Classes. Submissions can also be made online here.

Prayer Requests

  • Ryan and Misty Lackey: Misty is 17 wks pregnant and has been having contractions and bad migraines. Pray for the contractions and migraines to stop. Also, Misty has two uncles who were diagnosed with cancer. Please pray for both of her uncles and their families as they discuss options and begin treatments.
  • Jason: Please pray for safe travels for Rozi.
  • Josh: Pray for his friend Noey who works at BF Goodrich. He and his wife Heather are getting a divorce and the plant is closing. Noey has expressed interest in attending a Bible Study with Josh. Pray that Josh can reach out to Noey and get him involved with good, Christian men.
  • Nikki: Continue to pray for Justin's safety. He has become more productive and was able to take a day off.
  • Emily: Praise- her Dad is finishing his 8th month at Restoration Ranch. He has been given the opportunity to stay for 4 more months in a counseling role. Please pray for him as he makes the decision of whether to leave or stay.
  • Bethany: The orthopedic doctor has told Keith's dad the casts can be removed the day of the wedding. Pray that they will be lenient and take them off a day or so before the wedding.
  • Bo: Loni's dad is going for a check up on Thursday. Pray that the medication is working and they will not have to do surgery.

Monday, May 18, 2009

May 17 Announcements/Prayer Requests

  • Girl's Bible Study is TUESDAY night this week at 6:30 at Courtney's house.


  • Bryan - his grandmother passed away this weekend. Pray for his family as well as safe travels to Florida for the funeral.
  • Clayton - praise - his company picked up a job that he will be managing.
  • Jason - praise - he has been reclassified for instate tuition! prayer requests - Rozi, her sister, and the boys are at the beach...prayers for a great time and safety. Two family members/friends were lost this time last year...pray for the families as they struggle with the 1 year anniversary of their deaths.
  • Kristen and Randall were married Saturday!! Please pray for their safety on their honeymoon.
  • Wayne and Stacy's wedding is this Saturday (May 23). Please pray for everything to go smoothly and their safety on their honeymoon.

Seth and Courtney

Monday, May 11, 2009

May 10 Announcements and Prayer Requests

Sorry I didn't update last week... oops!


Help for the Financially Hurting
Tuesday May 12th 5:00-9:00 in the 3:16 Center-- if you can help with childcare, call the church office (745-5715)

Camp War Eagle
The College Ministry is collecting bottled water to pass out at CWE. If you would like to donate water, take it to the church office.

The youth are collecting croc's or croc-like shoes for the Nicaraguan refugees in Costa Rica. Bring any donations to the Welcome Center or the E79 Building.

Missions Committee
The Missions Committee is collecting donations of rice, dried beans or money for Orphanage Emmanuel in Honduras. Barrells are located in the Children and Preschool lobbies. Deadline is May 15.

Tournament is Tuesday Night- look for an email about game times

FCA Coffee House
This is scheduled for next Sunday Night (5/17). Look for an email to confirm the time, date, and location.

Prayer Requests
Rozi: Keith's dad, Bill, was in a motorcycle accident Saturday. He was seriously injured and will require many surgeries. He is currently in critical condition.

Nikki: Update on Jenkins family: 2 of 3 boys have gone through the bone marrow transplant and are recovering well; please pray for continued healing and the third child to go through the transplant soon. Pray for Justin's safety over the next 7 weeks

Clayton: Pray for work to pick up

Bryan: Joylyn was called back for a second intreview Tuesday morning

Bo: Lonnie's dad was released from hosptial; doctor is attempting to fight blockage with medication to prevent doing open heart surgery. Bo's friend Robert had a serious accident on a farm this past week. Pray for his recovery and his job.

Emily: Pray for all the moms who have lost babies as well as those who are trying to get pregnant

Snacks Next Week: Travis and Emily